Getting your home painted? Steps Your Painter May Never Overlook
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January 19, 2021
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Getting your home painted? Steps Your Painter May Never Overlook

House painting task requires a lot of perfection. The job is done to upgrade your home. You need to hire expert services. You will also have to invest some money in hiring the expert team. An expert team will always follow its standard procedure to carry out this task.

If you expect quality results then you should hire the best “residential painting in Auckland” team. Expert house painters will always keep you informed of the procedure they follow.

If you have come across a professional house painting team, then there are basic steps that they never forget to follow. These steps are mentioned here below.

Planning stage

This certainly is an essential step. The painting task needs proper planning. A lot of points have to be considered. The planning may vary depending on the project size. Each palette needs proper selection depending on the size of the room.

This is why experts are the best choice. They are aware of the palette selection. They plan accordingly. In a few cases, two or more layers are essential to get the best colour shade.


You may want to get your home renovated. The painting tasks have to be done immediately after the renovation is done. This means your belongings are already going to be in the room. These things need protection.

The DIY task will mainly fail in offering protection to your belongings. It is a must to make use of plastic covers to protect your valuables. This may include furniture and other accessories in the room. A professional team will always make a complete list of the accessories that need protection.

They never get started with the painting task without working out the protection factor.

Prepping task

Painting cannot be complete without prepping. This is important if you want the best effect. The prepping task is manly done for walls and ceilings. This is also one step that you will never want your expert painter to overlook.

The grime and dirt have to be removed from the surface before the new paint is applied. The task is the time-consuming and expert team will always plan it out in advance.


The walls and the ceiling needs priming before you can coat it with new paint. Priming is one of the ways you can guarantee a smooth finish to the walls.

You can search for the best “interior plastering in Auckland” services for affective priming task. Professional house painting services will always pay extra attention to the priming.

Priming will always ensure that your walls and ceiling is prepared for final painting task. This task is mainly done depending on the type of paint you select.

This is the final task the expert will now select the paint shade and grade for your home. Once all the above-mentioned steps have been done, your walls are now ready for new paint coat.

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