Best tips to perfectly apply the monochromatic theme in your home décor!
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November 16, 2020
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Best tips to perfectly apply the monochromatic theme in your home décor!

There’s nothing more soothing than living in space that is beautifully designed in the same calm colours everywhere. It does have its own distinct charm that couldn’t be beaten by any kind of contrasts or those vibrant decors. Having a monochromatic decor can actually provide impressive interiors to your home which is both unique and captivating in itself. But all these can be achieved only if you play with the single tone rightly and beautifully in your home.

The best ways to apply monochromatic colour scheme to your home

Your home is basically a replica of your thoughts and choices. That is why the colour that you love the most has all the right to be emphasised in your decor. But what if you just love one colour and are passionate to beautify your home with only that shade? Well, for this, you’ll have to ensure that this single shade is used beautifully in your décor.

o   Adopt the sister concerns — By being monochromatic, we don’t mean that you just have to take a single shade and paint your entire house with it. But it means to adopt all the shades and tints of that colour and utilise it beautifully in the place. Like, you can use a darker tone of green to emphasise the trims of the walls and a lighter one for the rest and a further lighter tint for the shaded effect and so on. This style of adopting this shade would create a fantastic monochromatic look in your room with a natural and subtle variation in it. But remember, this work could be done perfectly only by good house painters in Auckland from Ayda Painting & Decorating. They have really talented painters who know how to create this enchanting effect nicely in your home.

o   Adapt textures and patterns — We meant just a single shade. But we never said that you have to adjust with only its plain version. You can play with the textures in the same colour tone through the effects of plastering in Auckland or through patterns. Like, a design of a stencilled pattern of the shade would look dramatic on your accent wall, the rest of the walls can be plain and some polka dot wallpaper of this colour on the ceiling would create a magnificent look in the room.

o   Add some neutral — Just monochromatic can actually fall back sometimes. (especially if you are opting for darker tones). It’s necessary to give a break to the eyes with neutral shade in between to make that monochromatic design stand out on its own. Like, adding some greyish tone in a blue toned room would certainly make the blue look bolder.

 Having a monochromatic theme in your home is actually a wonderful idea. The place would speak of sophistication and elegance and would be a perfect example of a beautiful décor. There are very light chances of it falling back unless you are using vibrant colours for the same. So, to be on a safer side and make your home look calm and peaceful, adopt this theme with care to enjoy a zen like feeling right in your own home.

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