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While you may want to change the colour on your house’s walls, the thoughts of the task may get you in sweat. Getting all the stuff. Taking days off of work. Dealing with tiredness. It just keeps getting tough. But all that frustration needs to end.

We at Ayda Painting understand your pain, which is why we offer reliable, quality, house painting, interior and exterior painting services in Auckland.

Our friendly painters are very skilled and highly-dependable. They know what they are doing. Having spent years in this profession, they can paint your house at the earliest, delivering you the best value for your buck. So, in a nutshell, we are the house painters that you want covering your walls.

From complete house painting jobs to painting a room or just a wall, we customise a package that suits your needs.

Don’t just take our word for it. We are house painters after all. It wouldn’t take much to paint our laurels on this website as well. But let’s take a look at our portfolio to see for yourself the quality of our work.

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Best Residential Painting Service Auckland City

With our qualified team of painters having immense experience painting houses, walls, wooden and metal gates, and everything else that can be painted, we assure our customers a clean and appealing paint job.

The emotion that we all have with our houses is beautiful. Our house painters understand this and also the love you have for your house and its walls. This helps them deliver brilliant paintings and decorations, keeping attention to detail their top-most priority. To us, your house painting isn’t just a coat, another coat and then a simple styling. It’s creating and recreating the essence of you in your home.

Not just that! They are punctual, always arrive on time, and leave the house spotlessly cleaned after the work is done.

What else does it mean to deliver one of the best residential painting services in Auckland?

Whether you are starting a home remodelling project or moving into your first home, we make sure you have access to the best painting company in Auckland. Which is why our customer support team is available 24*7. You can contact them to ask questions about how we complete the job in time or to book our services.

Cheap House Painters in Auckland

Did you know that you don’t have to shell a fortune to freshen up your home’s appeal? Yes, you read that right!

Just so you don’t have to stall the painting process for the lack of budget, we make sure our services are rightly priced. We cut costs without cutting corners like other painting companies.

You will love the way we care to go that extra mile for you. We do so to ensure you get friendly house painters in Auckland at affordable prices. And we mean it when we say “Your satisfaction is our topmost priority.”

Not just tall claims. We deliver what we promise. Providing great value for every penny that you spend. We, at Ayda Painting, love to see you smile effortlessly while you pay for our residential painting services or commercial painting jobs.

Just call us and ask. Our team of experts will quote you a price that won’t leave your pockets dry.

Hire Professional Experienced Painting Contractors

Although painting your property by yourself can save you a few dollars; it can be tricky and expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. On the other hand, getting your house painted by a rookie or novice can make you regret it later. You may either have to live with a ruined wall or get it repainted, spending more money than you should’ve.

This is where our interior and exterior residential painters come to the rescue. By choosing Ayda Painting in the first go, you can save yourself from all this headache. Our team of expert house painters has years of painting experience which makes them immune to making mistakes. So, you know your house’s walls are in the right hands, and of course, brushes.

Before you start a residential painting project, get in touch with our team. From helping you choose the best colours for your walls to making a statement when painting those walls, we can give your house the treatment it deserves. House painting isn’t just a simple utility job. It requires an art style that is rarely found in even the most professional house painters. Adya Painting professionals know how to deliver the best possible solutions to your house painting needs.

Call us now to discuss your requirements. We’d be happy to help!

Just end the wait for yourself now and hire us already!

House Painters Howick, NZ

Got a new house in Auckland City? Or just got tired of looking at that old ceiling and those walls that are peeling and yellowish. We can help with that. Adya Painting has a sleuth of professional house painters for your house painting needs. We understand how much you love your home and we are firm believers in that old adage ‘love thy home color’. So not only the walls, our expert house painting squad knows how to pair your roof painting needs with the rest. So if you live in Howick, Newzealand, and need your house or commercial painting done, Adya Painting squad is here to serve your needs.

We are the best Auckland city house painters in the Howick city having experience with commercial painting as well and that too with the best quality job experience your money can offer and your house needs. Get back to loving your home again with our eco-friendly home painting options. Exterior house painting needs or a simple painting decorating job, call on us and it will be done in a jiffy.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us for Your House Painting Needs

What distinguishes our painting services from the rest in the business is our determination and devotion to deliver satisfactory results at highly affordable rates. Ours is a fully licensed and insured painting company in Auckland city where customer satisfaction tops all. Our success ratio reflects a clear bias for 100 percent customer contentment. But that’s not all! There are many reasons why we are the best house painters in Auckland. Here is why you should choose our painting contractors in Auckland for your project.

Having been in the industry for so long, our interior painting experts have the experience, skill, and knowledge to complete the job with efficiency. That is saying nothing about our awesome exterior house painting quality jobs.We have all the means and desire to make a difference in the industry. Our painting projects speak volumes about our quality services.

Our team of interior, exterior painting experts is very punctual. We always arrive on time to ensure your plans don’t suffer due to a delayed service at our end. What’s more, we aren’t afraid of the muck. We make sure to clean the entire area before the end of our shift each day.

Our professional painters in Auckland city not just provide you with the job you are after, but also walk you through your home once the project is complete. This is done to ensure you don’t have any complaints regarding our service. And while we don’t leave any room for mistakes. If we are at fault, we rectify the problem immediately.

Our exterior house painters in Auckland are fully insured and targeted at meeting your quality standards without fail. Don’t just take our word for it. Browse through the testimonials to see what our clients have to say about us. We have done exemplary work with house painting jobs, commercial painting requirements, exterior house painting, standalone roof painting jobs for interior or exterior house needs.

The professional house painters in our team have a stronghold in the painting industry and earned a solid reputation for their hard work and dedication. We are not only efficient at painting new properties but also old ones that have lost their curb appeal. Our aim is to help you improve the value of your home.

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About us

Painting with pride and passion for over 15 years. Ayda Painting is an experienced team of painters across Auckland with an excellent reputation for efficient, high quality paint jobs. Attention to detail is our top priority so we don't cut corners, we prep the surface correctly, and most importantly, we use the finest products available.

Our team delivers timely and accurate results to fit within any budget. Just leave everything to us and we'll make your house a home. Give us a call now for a no obligation quote.

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Why Should I Hire a Professional Painter?
If you hire a professional painter, it will be beneficial for you. A professional painter knows how long the job takes and will inform you about it so that you take care of other important things while they do their job. Not just that! By hiring a residential painter, you can save yourself a lot of money and hassle. Cheap doesn’t always mean the best. No matter how tempted you are to hire someone with a cheap offer, you should always check the qualifications of the individual. Reliable painting companies host a team of quality painters that make no mistakes and know what they are doing. With years of experience on their hands, they leave the premises only after cleaning it.
Do painters clean walls before painting?
Yes, we clean the walls before painting them. It is necessary. Although modern paints are so good that they bond well to almost any surface, it works best for the surfaces that are perfectly cleaned. That’s why we use a special cleaner that removes oil from walls, especially for the kitchen and mould from the bathroom for a smooth finish. We don’t think that cleaning the walls before the painting process cuts our painting time because every minute that we spend helping our clients is special.
How often should I paint my house interior?
Your home is probably the most expensive financial investment that you will ever make. The key to protecting your investment is maintenance, and employing residential painting services. Even if you use your living room more often than other rooms in your abode, durable painting can protect it from regular wear and tear. That said, you should consider painting your home’s interior every 8-10 years. And since the attack of dirt, grime or lichens makes your home’s exterior look dull, it must be painted every 6-8 years.
How many coats of paint do I really need in my home?
It entirely depends on the previous paint and the condition of the surface. We say, two or three coats is the way to go. People generally think it’s a much more expensive deal to get more coats of paint, but it is really about the performance than the cost. If the previous walls are light and in good condition, we apply two coats. Two coats outperform one coat in terms of durability, protection, washability and retaining the true colour. Covering an entire space with one coat is a recipe for disaster. But if the walls are dark coloured, we apply three coats to make sure coverage is good.
How much does it cost to paint a house?
Painting cost shifts by the venture, generally relying upon the measure of surface planning work required and the size of the task. Our customer-specific services are tailored to meet and exceed expectations at all costs. We offer serious rates that are by and large beneath the market normal. Call us now for a free, no-obligation quote.
Is it worth painting your own house?
While you do know your house painting needs better than anyone, and yes, even us, it can be challenging to pull off the whole house painting project by yourself. Understanding the number of coats required to the preliminary needs like putty and plaster requirements can be a challenge. So, it is always worth it to hire professional painters to do the job rather than regretting it later down the road.
Can I get my house painted in Auckland?
Of course. You can get your house painted in Auckland through any of the professional painting services. It is what we do, in fact. Adya Painters are known for our brilliant house painting records in Auckland city. We do custom house paint jobs with dedicated crew understanding your needs well before our brushes touch your walls.
How much do painters charge per hour in Auckland?
The cost of getting your house painted in Auckland city isn't usually done on an hourly basis. It depends on the sq. meter area you need painted. The standard prices are between $35-$55 per square meter.
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  • We called painters at Aydya painting during our home renovation project. And trust when we say this, “They did a brilliant painting job.
  • Home painters at Ayda painting are extremely punctual. They always arrived on time and didn’t leave a room for mistakes. Absolutely loved having them around.
  • I cannot believe the way the Ayda Painting team has turned my house. The paint looks smooth, the colour palette extremely classy, and fantastic plastering job. Would recommend the team for all kinds of interior/ exterior painting and plastering projects.
  • The entire team at Ayda painting is extremely professional. They are passionate about their job and are all ears for suggestions. I am happy I trusted Ayda painting with my project.
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