5 things you need to do before house painting
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5 things you need to do before house painting

House painting is like offering a ray of hope and joy to your house, but we bet it could also be overwhelming. Hence, you have to be fully prepared, enlist the help of other family members and do rigorous research before you start painting your house.

We have sorted out five important things you need to do before a house painting project for your quick reference.

Decide – DIY or hiring a pro?

The first vital decision you need to make is whether to do all the house painting by yourself or hiring painters in Auckland for the said task. Though we recommend hiring a pro and not take the toll on yourself, it is up to you which lane to choose. DIY projects sound exciting but require considerable effort and time on your part. Whereas delegating the task to a pro is relaxing and might even save you from future trouble.

Choose – colours and paints?

If you also want the exteriors done, you need to think about the same such as the roof materials and other aspects. You have to be careful while choosing colours and paints as it could be confusing enough. Seek help from your loved ones, ask which colours they love, and make a joint, conscious decision. Similarly, if you don’t know much about paints, you can seek the guidance of a painting specialist for the right ones. Also, try to create a colour palette and stick to it, and there’s enough inspiration out there.

Prep – before the painting.

After you have decided whether to go for a pro or DIY and choose which colours and paints to be used, you need to prepare the next thing. Even if you hire a pro, he won’t be covering every piece of furniture for you. So, it is your job to clean, de-clutter your home, and protect your furniture. Keep kids, pets, and seniors away from this mess, or they might cause allergies. Prep a lot, and you will notice that your painting job has gotten much easier.

Set – a date for the house painting.

The weather has a great impact on the house painting project. It is a terrible idea to schedule your house painting job during monsoons and snowfall. Summers and spring seasons are the best, but you should also notice the sudden weather changes; even foggy weather is not recommended.

Schedule – future maintenance activities.

Painting seems to be a one-time job, but it requires maintenance in the years to come. Discuss with your expert how they would assist in power washing, interior plastering in Auckland, and other services. You can clean all the dirt and grime by yourself regularly.

So, when you know these above five things, you are all ready for the house painting project.

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